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Beim ersten Aufruf einer Asp.Net MVC Core 2 Anwendung mit Authentication tritt der Feher auf:

A database operation failed while processing the request.


URL: https://localhost:44328/Account/Register




Packet Manager Console öffnen und Update-Database eintippen


Komplette Fehlermeldung

A database operation failed while processing the request.

SqlException: Cannot open database "aspnet-Auth01b-D7FBAB0F-A682-4F66-924E-A3CE4E1F6A0B" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'DESKTOP-F634M99\Raimund'. 

Applying existing migrations for ApplicationDbContext may resolve this issue

There are migrations for ApplicationDbContext that have not been applied to the database
  • 00000000000000_CreateIdentitySchema

In Visual Studio, you can use the Package Manager Console to apply pending migrations to the database:

PM> Update-Database
Alternatively, you can apply pending migrations from a command prompt at your project directory:

> dotnet ef database update



Betrifft: Asp.Net MVC Core 2 EF


Upload von sehr großen Dateien in Asp.Net MVC Core 2 einstellen.
Fehler: Identitätsspalte kann nicht aktualisiert werden, IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF
Asp Fehler: IDENTITY_INSERT OFF beim Zugriff auf AspNetUsers Registrierung
IIS Fehler: 440.13 Not Found. Upload Dateigröße überschritten
InvalidOperationException: An exception occurred while reading a database value for property
Asp Fehler: A database operation failed while processing the request. SqlException: Ungültiger Objektname
InvalidOperationException: No database provider has been configured for this DbContext
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
InvalidOperationException: The expected type was System.Boolean but the actual value was null.
Asp: InvalidOperationException: The model item passed into the ViewDataDictionary is of type


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