Solved: Json JsonSerializer.Serialize of Data in NET6


Migrating von Newtonsoft Json Serial


New Version:

using System.Text.Json;

JsonSerializer.Serialize(menuItems, new JsonSerializerOptions(){IncludeFields = true}); 



The Serialization for Classes / Data Objects with Entity Framework will often be empty by default. But therefore the solution is to use the Option: new JsonSerializerOptions(){IncludeFields = true}); 


When  using Newtonsoft or Devextreme in previous Versions, then the serialization of Data was easy working.
but the migration to NET6 should delete Newtonsoft.

using Newtonsoft.Json;


Old Version: with Newtonsoft in Asp.Net and Net Core 1-3


Old Version with Devextreme:

JsonConvert.SerializeObject(DataSourceLoader.Load(menuItems, loadOptions));






using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;

using prada_drive.Models;

using prada_drive.Resources;

//using Newtonsoft.Json;

using System.Text.Json;


namespace .Controllers.Api


    //============< Namespace >============



    public class ApiSideMenu : ControllerBase


        //========< Controller >========

        private LocalWords _localWords;


        public ApiSideMenu(LocalWords localWords)


            _localWords = localWords;          




        public object GetMenuItems() //(DataSourceLoadOptions loadOptions)




                var menuItems = MenuModel.SideMenuItems;


                foreach (var item in menuItems)


                    item.NameCurrentCulture = _localWords.GetWord(item.Name);



           return JsonSerializer.Serialize(menuItems, new JsonSerializerOptions(){IncludeFields = true}); 

                //return JsonConvert.SerializeObject(menuItems);

                //return JsonConvert.SerializeObject(DataSourceLoader.Load(menuItems, loadOptions));


            catch (Exception)


                return BadRequest(_localWords.GetWord("ErrorRetrieveData").ToString());



        //========</ Controller >========





    //============</ Namespace >============